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.KAFT ‘22 Tees - #2 Paludarium

 “I survived for centuries and began performing a one-man play in the flashy  costumes of each and every species that I caused the extinction of.”


Paludarium is Kaft’s second t-shirt series for 2022. 3 different characters focus on their forgotten feelings about other species.


We started to launch our 2022 designs with the FLAYE series in the sky. Now, we are landing onto the earth from the sky calmly and continuing with the second t-shirt series of the year, PALUDARIUM.

date. 2022



Brand: Kaft


Campaign Direction & Design: Kaft


Creative Directors: Mert Erçin & Taha Celal Yıldırım


Designers: Piril Sili, Yasin Sınık, Taha Celal Yıldırım, Mert Erçin

Scenic Design : Taha Celal Yıldırım, Meral Sak


Creative Consultancy : Mert Kızılay


Sound Design : Tuğrul Gültepe

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