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.KAFT ‘22 Tees - #3 Jorux

Since the day he was born, he had been expecting the day he could choose between his existence and consciousness.

Please wait… Please wait… You can now cross the street.

JORUX is the third t-shirt series of Kaft in 2022. It’s the story of everyday short waitings, some uncertainties, and people on earth.


We are passing through different interconnected energies, scales and universes with 2022 designs. The doors of the world opened with PALUDARIUM. Now with JORUX, we are looking at 3 different characters that we come across on the street.

date. 2022



Brand: Kaft


Campaign Direction & Design: Kaft


Creative Directors: Mert Erçin & Taha Celal Yıldırım


Designers: Piril Sili, Yasin Sınık, Taha Celal Yıldırım, Mert Erçin

Creative Consultancy : Mert Kızılay


Sound Design : Tuğrul Gültepe

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