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.KAFT ‘22 Tees - #5 Nagbit


“I’m sure there’s a power out there that can age time; leaving it outdated, underdeveloped, and past its prime.”


Mankind has been producing objects for over two million years. If the first human to make their own products were to be teleported to today’s world, what would they feel in the face of countless objects covering all surfaces?


This year, we announced we would take a step further and visualize the stories we convey through t-shirts with 7 different but connected 3D clips. With the fifth member of our 2022 design series NAGBIT, we are looking at the objects within the frame of time, with an individual’s fictional existence in this world and flowing essences from matter to meaning. A little reminder, time can never get enough.


#5 Within objects

date. 2022



Brand: Kaft


Campaign Direction & Design: Kaft


Creative Directors: Mert Erçin & Taha Celal Yıldırım


Designers: Piril Sili, Yasin Sınık, Taha Celal Yıldırım, Mert Erçin

Creative Consultancy : Mert Kızılay


Sound Design : Tuğrul Gültepe

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